Important information #2

The ETDS is very near, so here is the most up-to-date info for 10.10.2018:

  • ladies – heel protectors are mandatory
    • if you don’t have them:
      • Heller Dance (Údolní 29) is open only on Friday 10:00-18:00
      • Elis Dance Sport (Lidická 30) is open Friday 10:30–12,30 + 13,00–18:00; and Saturday 10:00-13:00
  • unfortunately, there won’t be a dance shop at the ETDS
  • Heller DanceSport has given vouchers for finals, which you can use in their web store as well
  • the city of Brno gave us information leaflets about Brno in English and Czech -> you can collect them on Friday, and explore the city if you get the chance:)
  • the adjudicators list has been finalized, you can find it on
  • Preliminary tournament schedule has been finalized for now -> you can check it in details:
  • Food delivery: in Czech, it’s very common to order food through – for the food to be delivered at specified time to specified location. You can pay by card in advance, and ask the tournament hall guard to take your order if you are not around specifically:)
  • [car parking] in Brno, there recently appeared blue zones. Most of these will take affect after the ETDS -> from 01.11.2018 (lucky us!). Therefore, you can still park on these places nearby the venue. You cannot park in blue zones in the very historical part of the city center, so try to avoid that -> don’t park in the zone surrounded by yellow on the official map
  • [paid car parking] there is a park house very near the venue (unfortunately, pages only in Czech) where you can park your car. For example, 4 days for 800 CZK; or you can also use short-term parking by hours (max 250 CZK per 24 hours) ->
  • please sign up for helping shifts and make the ETDS possible:) current free shifts are: 

Public voting

Open class finals will be special this time around:) The adjudicators will select the best dancers into the final, however it will change there. All the participants will be given adjudication sheets – 1 for ballroom, 1 for latin. Please don’t loose them, and bring them to the Open finals. You will give away crosses => if you like someone, you can give him cross = mark for that dance. You have up to 3 crosses (0; 1; 2; or 3) to give away to a leader for 1 dance, and up to 3 crosses (0; 1; 2; or 3) to give away for a follower for 1 dance. In the end, we will sum all the crosses for individual dancers, and make the order for places:)

You will fill your ID# with the one you have printed on your ID card – a single participant can vote only once for ballroom and once for latin.

All the individual dancers (both leaders and followers) in the Open finals will have numbers 1-8. Usually only 6 couples make it into final, but in case there is a match, we decided for a fail-safe for up to 8 couples possibility in the finals.

An example how the filled sheet can look like:

Important information

The ETDS is very near, so here is the most up-to-date info for 09.10.2018:

  • a single sleeping hall will be opened on Friday from 08:00, where you can either leave your luggage, or get some sleep after a long trip
  • we need helpers for new breakfast shifts
  • we need as many [strong] people as we can get for Friday 14:00 for helping shifts for venue setup
  • please bring bowl for cereals, cutlery, and mug for tea/coffee. You don’t need to bring plates.
  • we are happy to inform you, that there will be free water with lemon available during the whole tournament, so that you don’t need to drink water from sink (which is perfectly fine in Czech btw).
  • the bar will have a fixed exchange rate of 1 EUR = 24 CZK. For example, if you order a hot dog (20 CZK), you will be refunded only in CZK (4 in this case).
  • although there will not be dinner, bar sells hotdogs and panini, so you can have dinner at the venue during/after workshops
  • the tournament hall opens on Friday at 16:30, followed by workshops from 17:00
  • if you travel by car, you need to buy a 10 day vignette for 310 CZK (for vehicles below 3.5t) => for Czech highways
  • all sleeping halls needs to be vacated and cleaned before 08:00 on Monday, because all of them have their regular schedule (sorry, can’t do anything about that)
  • very high-level schedule was prepared

Cutlery and bar

On the event, there will be plates available for you. However, please do bring your own cutlery, bowl for breakfast cereals, and cup for tee/coffee, as we won’t have those. The thing is, we can’t wash dishes at the event. There will be a place to quickly wash clean bowl/cup/cutlery.

The bar will be opened until ~03:00 AM every day. However, like it was the last time around, it is not under our jurisdiction. It is strictly forbidden by the venue for any participants to be drinking any beverages or consuming food, which were not bought in the official bar. The bar offers kofola, beer, coffee, juice, different varieties of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, as well as sparkling wine:) Also, it offers hotdogs for 20 CZK, ham panini (ham, cheese, rucola) for 70 CZK, and mozarella panini (mozzarella, tomato, basile) for 70 CZK. However, as it is a part of the venue, we can’t alter their prices, and we have no income from it.

In the bar, it is possible to pay only by cash – cards are not accepted. You can pay in both CZK and EUR, but if you choose to pay in EUR, the money difference will be returned to you in CZK. The bar will have 1 EUR = 24 CZK exchange rate. For example, you pay 1 EUR for hot dog, which will result in giving you back 4 CZK. The nearest ATM is 300m, so not that far away (on the same street, so you can’t get lost):)

60th ETDS

The upcoming ETDS in Brno will be a very round 60th! WAU! Although it is not the direct theme, we’ve decided to remember the past decade of ETDSes. Sunday evening will therefore be about that – if you’d like, you can bring your old ETDS Tshirts, some memorabilia, past costumes, etc. Also, during the Saturday’s team presentation, we will remember which teams made it recently possible to get to the round 60:)

Dancing game

During Friday and Saturday evenings, we will have a dancing game:) The idea is simple – dance with old and new friends; make new friendships; take picture of both of your ID cards at our collection point; and get rewarded by nice Czech basket:) The best 3 participants will be awarded on Sunday evening.
You will be collecting points for dancing:
+1 point for dancing with anyone, by default
+5 points for every extra country (valid only once per country)
+10 points for dancing with a “hero under cover” – Batman, Captain America, Rey. The identity of secret heroes will not be known by anyone, even themselves:)
The “hero under cover” will not receive these +10 points, unless he/her dances with one of the other two.