As it is custom on ETDS, registrations are only possible through the team captains. Let them know and they will sign you up.

Because of the large number of participants in previous ETDSes, having in mind we will have a smaller one in comparison, we decided to use a system of chances. Team captains will have 1 week to register all the participants in the first wave. After this round is closed, a randomized algorithm will run through the participants, taking into consideration many details (e.g. competing classes; leader/follower preference, …), selecting a limited first wave of participants who will “make it through”. Each selected participant then needs to send money to his/hers team captain within 1 week’s time. If this won’t happen, the place will be vacated for other participants. Registrations will be left open until the start of ETDS, and with every cancellation, we shall run the shuffling system again and again. Your Team Captain can change any of your information, or cancel your registration upon your request.

Those of you who will not make the cut first time around, will automatically be considered during each re-run of the selection system (consider it as a waiting list).

This has multiple benefits:

  • no one needs to be angry with team captains for not being fast enough during the registration phase, as there is plenty of time to registration = almost unlimited time
  • classes and leaders/followers will be balanced
  • everyone will have the chance
  • everyone who registers will either be admitted, or put on waiting list and contacted right away if the opportunity arises (most likely via team captain, or the orga team)
  • when a competing Breitensport couple is made within the registration system (consisting of a leader and a follower), the selection probability (of both individuals) is the same as for a single individual person not being part of a registered couple. Either the entire couple is admitted, or neither one of them. It will not happen that a single participant only from couple would be admitted.